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How To Use This Site


The Buying For Government website is designed to provide government buyers with step-by-step guidelines and tools on government purchasing processes.

See below for instructions on navigating the website.

Home PageBack to Top

From the Home page, you can navigate the web site using the Menus, or by searching.

Move your mouse over the menu to open it and then click to select the required page.

Winning Government Business menu picture

The menus may not work with some browsers. In this case, just click on the required menu, and a menu page will open, from which you can select the required page.

Keyword Search picture

You can search the web site for specific information (Keyword Search) by typing in the word or phrase you wish to find then clicking the GO button.

Quick Search picture


Or you can do a quick search by selecting the Purchasing Category and/or Subject you are interested in then clicking the GO button.

In either case, the search results page will list all pages which satisfy your search criteria. A brief summary of each page will be shown to help you find the right one.

Content PagesBack to Top

Long pages have a Table Of Contents at the top, to allow you to move quickly to a particular topic. Each section of a page has a "back to top" button, which you can use to return to the Table of Contents.

The "breadcrumb trail" (under the menu) shows where you are in the website:

Structure Reference picture


Each page on the website contains a number of features to help you focus on the information you require:

Print Button picture


If you want to print a page, click the "To Print" button to display a printer friendly version of the page. You can then print it using your browser's print button.

Siblings List picture



A list of other pages within this section is displayed on the left hand side. Simply click on the link to open one of these.

Related Information picture


A list of information related to the current topic is also displayed. This may include FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), Tips, Checklists and Forms.

Keyword Search picture


You can also do a Keyword Search from any page.

The menu at the bottom of each page gives you quick access to the Home page, the Feedback page (which you can use to email comments or questions about the site), the Site Map, Quick Search and Keyword Search.

You can use the "I'm Lost" button to email feedback on how you became lost in the website. This will help us to make the site more useable.


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