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Submitting a Tender

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Before submitting your tender ensure that you have correctly signed all appropriate tender forms.

Make sure you submit your tender response at the right location and before the closing time. Late tenders may not be accepted. Plan ahead and get it in a day early.

In most cases, a response to tender must be submitted in a sealed envelope. Make sure you check to see if specific information is required to be on the tender envelope.

In some cases facsimile and electronic tenders will be accepted, but you must confirm this from the tender documentation. Facsimile and electronic tenders must be received, in full, before the tender closing time. If your tender has not fully transmitted by the close of tender, even if this is because the machine has been engaged or is faulty, your submission may not be accepted.

For more information see tender process, planning your tender response, preparing tender documentation or tender submission checklist.

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